2020-12-14 10:37
Those innovations you can't see


Although the concept of innovation has become more and more popular, from national strategy to enterprise development, from the venture capital circle to ordinary consumers, it seems that the only hope for any field is to take the path of innovation. But what exactly is innovation, how to innovate, and what does innovation have to do with oneself, these have not yet formed a broad consensus.


Innovation is not necessarily related to technology, and innovation does not necessarily require strong funds. It exists in every detail of daily life, and it can be created by anyone.

What are we talking about when we are talking about innovation?

When it comes to innovation, what do you immediately think of? Is it 5G, chips, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, blockchain, or cloud computing, robotics, aerospace, quantum computing? If you can only think of these, it really has nothing to do with you.


But if I tell you that the hot pot restaurant where you went to eat yesterday was covered with crushed ice on the meat plate, and there was freshly ground tahini sauce in the store; the stone piers and fences in the community were graffitied into familiar cartoon shapes; construction sites The most ordinary worker on Shanghai made a homemade special wrench casually; the little brother on Douyin turned the silhouette of a cup into a little monster. If these are all innovations, would you have a question mark expression on your face?


Yes, these things that are common and natural to you should belong to the category of innovation and have a closer relationship with more people. These small, natural changes have actually improved the efficiency of a certain job, inadvertently improved the comfort and satisfaction of users, and continuously promoted the improvement of economic and social benefits.

What are we talking about when we are talking about innovation


Redefine the concept of innovation


Innovation is an attitude and way of dealing with problems.

We always encounter various problems and things in our work and life. We are not satisfied with the existing methods and approaches. We constantly think about whether there is a better way to achieve the established goal, and finally find out this better through exploration and practice. Understanding is the essence of innovation. Your goal problem can be very big, such as exploring outer space, for example, to achieve immortality; your goal can also be small, it can be a message that is about to reply to a customer, or a document that is being sorted. As long as you have the original intention to do everything well, you will always find a better way at some point, and innovation will naturally occur in this process.


In fact, there are too many small innovations like this, so let's cite a few more examples.



Maybe you still can't accept such small tricks and small products as innovations.

Do you know that Apple, which takes innovation as the soul of its enterprise, its products are all its own innovations? No, it is the tiny innovations of hundreds of suppliers of Apple products that together support Apple's outstanding products. But at the same time, you can't deny that the unique combination of these hundreds of parts and the excellent experience brought about by the final product are also real innovations.


Huawei, which is regarded as my country's innovation benchmark enterprise, do you know how many simple innovations it has? Not even technology involved. For example, double-tap smart screen captures in Huawei mobile phones, quick grabbing when the screen is locked, and letter gestures to open specific applications... The underlying high-tech innovation and simple innovation are not opposites. Simple innovation sometimes brings more direct and effective experience. .


The master of management Drucker has a classic saying in "Innovation and Entrepreneurship": Innovation is not necessarily related to technology, and does not even need to be a physical object.

Simple innovation that needs to be re-understood

Needless to say, high-tech bottom-level innovation should be valued. It is a nuclear weapon for the competitiveness of an enterprise and a country, and it takes a long time to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to achieve certain results. And these results are usually quite advanced, and it is impossible to apply and promote them on a large scale immediately. It needs the further development of technology and the support of suitable application scenarios. .


Simple innovation is not the same. Simple innovation is usually motivated by direct practical needs, and it is cheap and easy to implement. After implementation, it can generally directly promote the efficiency improvement of a certain scenario or a certain field. Therefore, society should pay due attention to inventions and innovations with low and medium technology content.


Shenzhen Jibie Technology is well aware of the great value contained in such simple innovations, and there are also a large number of social innovations that have not been applied and promoted. The company hopes to help these social innovators as much as possible to bring their innovations to the market and improve social benefits. Rubei toothbrush product is an example of the company's promotion of a simple and innovative application. Don't hope that this toothbrush can solve the pain points of consumers and improve the user experience; at the same time, I also hope that the majority of social innovators can see Rubei toothbrushes. This kind of demonstration effect will stimulate more people to participate in innovation, produce more innovative methods and technologies, and form an overall trend of advocating innovation and joining innovation in the whole society, making our country a truly innovative power.